sexta-feira, setembro 01, 2006

Essa eh velha, mas eu gosto...

One day, a sad little girl goes up to her father and asks him to kill her. Her father, frightened, hugs her and sais "Never." She is so damn happy, she cries. She cried so much that her tears made a river. Soon that river turned into an ocean. She starts to swim deaply. The ocean is full of neon bubbles, burning pink candles, little elephants and beautiful flags. When the little girl gets to the golden bottom, she remembers that she has to breath! In the very moment the girl remembers, she high on LSD.
When she wakes up, the little girl in not a little girl, shes a grown woman. The efect was gone. She was back to reality. So she starts to dance, she dances so much that the floor breaks. She falls into a feild of blues and silver flowers. She starts to walk and walk. She got so tired of walking that she lays on the grass and the flowers start to hypnotize her. She doesn't like being hypnotized, so she eats one! The flowers start a furious rage and show their sharp little teeth! She doesnt know what to do! At that very moment she remembers, shes high on marijuana.
When she wakes up, shes not a grown woman anymore, shes an old lady. She finds herself meditating, singing "hare hare, Krishna." As she meditats, she floats, she floats so high she reaches the heavens. Beautiful, yellow smoke-like clouds as far as the eyes can see. There was no harm to be found. No wild pigs or bombs to harm her. But there was one problem, she was high. The old woman wanted to live in paradise forever! She steps on the edge of a cloud and jumps. The fall lasted 37 years. She finally reached the ground. She thought she would die and go to heaven. But she hit the floor and bounced back! This time it took 45 years to get to the heavens, but she didnt stop, she tried to grab a cloud, but it was worthless. She passes straight into space. She then starts to sob, not knowing if she was dead or high. As she goes higher and higher, without stoping and bumps into a star. The star feels so sorry for the old lady and invites her for a mushroom tea party. And they all got high!

4 comentários:

Marco Aurélio disse...

Esse eu já conhecia ahuiehauiehiua
massa :D

pena q é em ingles ¬¬ aheiuaheuia

Sujeito da camisa listrada disse...

Já tinha ouvido falar em nadar nas próprias lágrimas, mas viajar tanto assim pelo tempo e espaço, adorei.
Agora, ela devia ter mais cuidado em misturar tantas substancias assim.


Anônimo disse...
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Nathahsa disse...

onww que bunitinha ;D

é,eu não li o texto =P

te adoro ;D